A private detective helped to find the missing child

尋親In a private detective company in Beijing, received a banner sent by the client Ms. Wang. It is reported that it was Ms. Wang who entrusted the private detective 筆跡鑑定company to find the runaway child in the shortest time. Due to domestic violence and other reasons, xiao yue left home on November 14th. Her parents came to our c侵權調查ompany hoping to find their child as soon as possible. Beijing private detective found a classmate named xiao li according to the QQ number of her child’s classma訴訟證據蒐集te provided by Ms. Wang, but he was quite alert and had doubts about our identity. Also has not said his situation at the same time we will pass the investigation債務協商 again, found a classmate called xiao Chen and xiao li’s close relationship we know through him they often go to play in the Internet cafe. After constant observa債務追討tion, the man was not seen. Finally we meet xiao Chen. In a library we saw a small yue, she seems to have found us and ran. After our 1 hour investigation, finall人際糾紛y found her in the women’s toilet we handed the child to the hands of parents to close the case! Through the case that the private detective received, we were enl子女行蹤調查ightened a lot. At the same time, we hope that parents can communicate with children in a timely manner and minimize the distance between them. Children are our f子女交往對像調查uture, but also the future of our country. While providing a good learning and living environment for children, don’t forget to pay attention to them and know wha子女人身保護t they need most.


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