The wife wants to prevent her husband from having an extramarital affair and spending 7 million yuan on seduction

徵信社查財產Woman to stop her husband affair spend 7 million to seduce small three], some female physicians for the block as the doctor’s husband and female affair, wang and guo credit reporting indus徵信社找車try contract: “buy a car and hire men with the king, to the mainland to settle down”, pay 7 million dollars to guo, but the king returned to Taiwan to the mainland only 3 days, female phys 新北徵信社icians damages, the judge found guo operator fails to fulfill its promise, yesterday the judgment should pay 7 million yuan female physicians. In July last year, guo and the woman doctor s台北徵信社igned a letter of commitment to “end the abnormal intercourse between wang and her husband” and set up an appointment relationship, paying 2.5 million yuan in advance, according to the jud桃園徵信社gment. Guo male pretends that wang nv has been living with the people employed, is about to go to the mainland to live, female doctors believe that is true, issued a check of 3 million yua新竹徵信社n; On August 1 of the same year, he informed her that “wang nv had come to live with his employed man in the mainland”, and the doctor paid guo another 1.5 million yuan. Later, she found o台中徵信社ut that her husband was still in a relationship with wang nv. The woman doctor asked the court for damages, and guo argued that he had indeed invited the man to communicate with wang and g台南徵信社o to the mainland. There is no objection to the female doctor’s request for a refund, but the execution fee should be deducted. The judge found that wang only went to the mainland once bef高雄徵信社ore and after guo’s promise, and returned to Taiwan within three days. Guo’s detailed list could not prove that the man and wang spent the money together in the mainland, so guo was ordere基隆徵信社d to return the money.


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