The husband has an affair to catch rape in the bed but suffer its to beat violently

XLM盈幣寶My husband beat me, tied my hands and feet, and stuffed his old socks in my mouth, making my face swell, my thighs swell, and my neck pinch. I want a divorce, but he said the divorce, the child belongs to him, in the future will not let me see my son, also do not let me call my son, also want to delete the son’s photo in my mobile phone. My son is only four months old now. He’s at his house with his parents. Son is the flesh that drop from my body, I cannot lose him, I do not have job now, also do not have economic income, I am afraid if I divorce really, I am afraid the court can judge child to him according to economic ability, how should I do? I can’t take it anymore. We were married by children. I have been with him for more than three years. I have beaten three children and shaved once. December last year, I more than seven months pregnant, and found that he was having an affair, I am afraid to go after induced labor can form can not have children, and children early once formed, will be moving in the stomach, for the children, and for me personally, I stilUSDT盈幣寶l stand, I will back to his house, the child was born, only married child full moon night. He wrote a guaranty to me, that female also gives me assurance to never contact him again, who knows just led 11 days, I go to my elder sister that come back, unexpectedly catch rape by me in the bed. Now I really know regret, help me, what should I do? Private detective reply: every see the repeated abortion before marriage, curettage induced labor, married by children these words, my heart will be dull pain, can not help but think of such a sentence in the head: cheap oneself girl no one love. Yes, a girl who belittles herself is not loved. A girl who does not spare herself is not loved by a man. Is not a man heartless, is she no longer can let a man to love. What does she make a man love? Before marriage, men become familiar with their bodies, their wombs, their faces, their reputations… It was lucky that a man could marry her. He still had pity on her. Your husband beat you really too much, too close to abnormal. Was his perversion preexisting or forced? Suggest consTRX盈幣寶ideration. If be already had, the initiative separates quickly, live together with such man, be beaten certainly is normal state. If be forced, advocate the obligation that seeks oneself from the fault of the other side. It takes two to tango, a man hit a woman, or a woman’s hand owe, or a woman’s mouth cheap. Hand owe, is knowing dozen however still proceed with first, hope the man is wrong to be able to let oneself. Mouth cheap, is the reason on the mouth not rao person, the man said but lifelong gas can only proceed. You don’t have the capital to manage him. You don’t want a divorce. This kind of man all have such a logic: you eat my wear my use my, I play a woman you still prohibit, you with what tube I? Your husband is holding the kids against you, or at least clarifying that he doesn’t want a divorce. From and do not leave, the key to see you. If choose divorce, you can consult lawyer, the child divorce of lactation period should be returned wife. I don’t know much about this. What the lawyer says is correct. What worries me is that you don’t have a job, yOKB盈幣寶ou don’t have an income, what are you going to do with your kids? If do not divorce, do not want to be hit do not want to tube him, put attention force on oneself, wait for a child big come in to look for a job at once, let oneself independent and high grade rise. Marriage is essentially a place where smooth collaboration is based on energy matching and benefits both parties. You don’t have the capital to benefit the other side, you have to take your own authority. Bad words, but this reason. To answer your question, the more purpose is to write to those who are living together before marriage for the so-called love, curettage induced labor, is not the *** gift, is not the parents consent, is not the wedding of the initiative to live in his home to give birth to a child. I hope they learn from you and learn to love themselves. You put me as a pearl, just will use a treasure box to pack you, you put me as dung grass, the other side will only use the basket. Cheap my girl no one love, is a few predecessors with youth to blood and tears for the experience, the girlNEO盈幣寶 must remember.


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