Honeymoon husband about foreign girl a word put me on the desperate

台灣真能成加密貨幣之國?從世界區塊鏈大勢談起I got married with my husband at the beginning of the year. Recently, we both had annual leave and wanted to take this opportunity to spend our honeymoon in a foreign country. Because we were very busy in the wedding days, private detective, the time of wedding leave was very short. My husband and I did not go with the group because we were both good at foreign languages. I thought about the freedom of playing without restriction. I spent a whole night making the schedule. When we were abroad, we stayed in a pre-booked hotel. Although we had traveled here before we got married, this honeymoon was of great significance to me. The husband is a nerve big person, do what matter all hot and cold, the re大學生玩區塊鏈,比你想得還專業、多元!窺探全台兩大學生社群如何帶動台灣區塊鏈跨領域整合sult of the first day of honeymoon was cheated 50 dollars by street cheater partnership, for this we return a quarrel, two people are very unhappy, go back to back to sleep in the hotel, who also don’t take the initiative to talk to each other. I quietly shed tears, before the marriage, the husband is particularly inclusive, every time is to admit to me wrong, did not expect to go out now honeymoon he is so cold to me. He got up quietly in the middle of the night. Although he was very gentle, I still woke up. I just didn’t talk to him. He got dressed and walked out of the hotel. I quickly put on my clothes and followed him to see what he was going to do. I walked up to him angrily and slapped him t扎根台灣,獨樹一格:帶你窺探本土區塊鏈社群的多元面貌wice before he realized that I had been following him. We had another big argument in the street. Instead of admitting my mistake, he deliberately angered me, saying that he had gone abroad to play with women. After hearing this, I fainted on the ground. The next day, I bought a plane ticket and went back to China without telling him. When I got home, I was thinking that this marriage might be wrong. I never thought he was such a man. Teacher, I want to divorce now, while we have no children, I do this will affect remarriage? Answer: want you not to regret only actually, calculate divorce you also won’t lose what, see the true face of the man as soon as possible total is better than endure his infi圈外人也聽得懂的區塊鏈「幣、礦、鏈」三圈運作nite derailment later. People to live out their own jing ***, he does not cherish marriage you do not have to stay, private detective he such a man will be derailed in marriage sooner or later, because he does not love you, a man who loves you will not be so unscrupulous derailed, more will not have such language to stimulate you. Whether he is angry or deliberately said that, it shows that he did not put you in the eye, let alone put your trust on. What is marriage, two people hand in hand to help each other a lifetime is called marriage, and he just married on the derailment is playing rascal it. You can decide to leave him, but you have to tell yourself that you will live better and be happier i比特幣閃崩n your marriage.


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