I’ve done countless part-time jobs for women.

I used to be a “good man” and have done countless “part-time jobs” for women. Later, I changed my tactics and began to win repeatedly. The key to picking up a girl is how you feel together. Although it is my bubble she, but the feeling that I bring to her, it is the jing *** that she did not have before, I give her happy and comfortable feeling, also nobody gave her. That’s why women are attracted to me. There’s nothing wrong with you being nice to women. The private detective reminds you never 徵信社to complain to a woman. A man who complains to a woman is a man who lacks confidence and shows that you are a failure. I advocate to be good to the woman, but do not advocate to be good to the woman without condition, that can spoil the woman only, so “good” also need skill. I also have no skill, can only flirt, play, make fun of, and then what happened, is the girl because not convinced and pester themselves, and then use reward, punishment to keep her on me. There are some ugly men, naturally 婦幼徵信社good at this road, the comfort shown, women will be fascinated. Take a good look and you’re sure to meet such a man. Love, protect a woman, and suppress, adjust the woman is not contradictory. I’m using dogs as an example, and if any feminists find this example offensive, please forgive me. If you buy a dog, and you are a clean person, it is in the house at random urinate, just from playing in the grass downstairs, has not bathed, to drill into your bed. What would you do? As anyone who has ever婦幼徵信社BLOG owned a pet knows, in this case, only strict discipline can be applied to it. If it made a mistake, it was grounded, or hungry it a meal, or reprimanded or even corporal punishment. On the other hand, if it does well, reward it with food and toys. Over time, the detective thinks he will become a well-behaved pet dog who knows what to do and what not to do. This is conditioning, never spoil it because you like it. There is no conflict between discipline and love. You want to keep this pet dog be徵信社費用cause you like it.


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