Professional swindler wants to cheat marriage to hide to trace, be discovered by private detective

屏東徵信社推薦Private investigator investigated an affair, not only for some fraud investigation also has deep experience, last year, the private detective is searching a professional cheats, have been married for fraud, to deceive the feelings of the parties, and money, also hope to rely on the foreign resident status of the parties to escape track, however, is a private detective to find the evidence carefully. Mr Ma, 50, has been living abroad for a long time because of his work and has also received a green card. But Mr Ma has had two failed marriages. So in 2009, Mr Ma set up an account on, a professional matchmaking website, in the hope of finding a partner to spend the rest of his life with. In August of that year, ma met lu, 14 years her junior, through the “marry me” website. After many Internet chats, Mr. Ma had feelings for Ms. Lu, and he went back to China to meet her on Sept. 9. Ms. Lu, with elegant speech and delicate appearance, is a master’s student majoring in modern Chinese in a famous university. She also got a master’s degree in marketing management from the university. Mr Ma is more to her admire add, two people decided to be in love. After two months of passionate love, lu told ma that she wanted to buy an apartment in their name and urged him to hurry back to China to get married. So on December 7, Mr. Ma returned to China and got a marriage license with Ms. Lu. After 宜蘭徵信社推薦got a marriage certificate, before long, Mr. Ma will feel there is something wrong with Mrs Lu, often go outside, furtive and for some to handle certificate, examination of what all don’t like to go to, feeling is secretive, often on the computer operation some ma see things they don’t understand, recently for a period of time is a long time no come back, Mr Ma may become more questioning. In later a few days, Mr Ma decides to go looking for private detective, and the senior detective that gives thing course to private detective undertook introducing, detective sets out to investigate miss lu immediately, another heavy identity that investigated miss lu on the 3rd day, originally, miss lu is a profe台東徵信社推薦ssional cheater. Ms. Lu is not a graduate student at a prestigious university at all. Her degree is only from high school. She had lied to him about her age, and Ms. Lu was only six years younger. The identity card, which says he was born in 1976, is also fake. Private investigators also found that the 1.5 million bankbooks she gave Mr. Ma and asked him to help with were also fake, and that the police were also hunting her, because Ms. Lu wanted to use his status as a permanent resident abroad to escape China as soon as possible to escape the legal punishment for her contract fraud. Mr. Ma’s heart sank at the thought. All this, what cause to him is not only economic loss, in the spirit is more like 警民徵信社BLOGfive thunder top.


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