Husband and cousin unexpectedly have extramarital affair

區塊鏈全面入侵,翻轉你生活的7大應用Husband and cousin unexpectedly have extramarital affair. My husband and I had been married for six years before we became pregnant. Husband to leave a period of time to accompany me, this time, his wife heard the news, also often come over to accompany me, my husband and my wife is nice to talk to confidante, and she is my bosom friends, she just came to my home every day, say with me, but a lot of time in private detective and husband chat, years before they often together to chat, I never to heart, but this time may be pregnant, I am very sensitive, always feel that their relationship let me very uncomfortable. Even to every獨特的數字指紋--哈希函數(Hash Function) day, she went home will also send a lot of information to the husband, they also often online chat, I suggested before the husband asked him to pay attention to the influence, he said he would take care of that, let me not to worry, but they are very open and direct, I really worry about what will attack them together, the in the mind is very painful, I can only think is I panic too much. Because I am pregnant, she excuse I inconvenience when, say to want to help me look at a husband, stick to my husband ceaselessly, the husband go to which she heel to which, than I this wife still stick, even so, they still send text message 工程師視角:什麼是區塊鏈的 Smart Contract?each other everyday, the content is very ambiguous, I believe between them not so pure. The husband confessed they like each other, the husband also informed me that she and my cousin once had no feelings, now just maintain a marriage, she also why not do mistress. I kept getting to know and accommodate him, but my understanding and accommodation turned out to be connivance. They had a sexual relationship, often. My husband felt very guilty. He said that he had proposed to break up with her. He said that he felt very painful in his heart. I don’t know whether he is cheating me or serious? Because he cheated me too much before, 什麼是「隔離見證」?為什麼比特幣要擴容?I now have some distrust of him, I really need to learn to let go, so that it will be better? Private detective: no matter how they are, you should first of all maintain good I and the child, stability of my state of mind, can not continue to allow the husband, on the one hand to talk to the cousin sister-in-law face to face stop communication, give its care, and let her realize the mistake. On the other hand, try to prevent the cousin and husband meet, with the extension of time to dilute the feelings between two people. Finally, assist cousin sister-in-law to find the happiness of marriage. As long as she is unhappy, she may 區塊鏈的分叉是什麼?還分為軟的和硬的?find your husband.


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