Private detective, can your husband be forgiven for cheating?

筆跡鑑定BLOGPrivate detective, can your husband be forgiven for cheating? I’ve always loved my husband. Because we’ve been through a lot. And a lot of hard life. I met him online when I was already working. He hasn’t graduated from college. I do not know how to add QQ to each other, there is a no a chat. Think of it as a flavoring agent in a boring life. In 2009 met, feel good, naturally together. Because I knew that he was a student and had no money, so every time he came to see me, I would pay for food and accommodation. In 2011, he graduated from university and came to shenzhen, and I resigned my job to work in his city. At that time, we were very bitter. The salary was only 1,000 yuan a month, and the money we spent on rent was to buy the cheapest food to cook. We finally got married in 2014, last year, and I was pretty happy for the first few months of our marriage, because I was three months pregnant and his parents were very kind to me. In August 2014, my lovely daughter was born, but due to the severe hypoxia of the baby, I had to have a c-section (only 37 weeks +4). When I was pushed into the delivery www.daaidetective.comroom, I was all by myself, shaking all over, and he was still on his way home. Because I didn’t know a c-section could be given a pain stick as well as an anesthetic. So I missed it. My wound was so painful after the anesthesia that I couldn’t cry. Because in the delivery room although the anesthesia but the knife in the stomach row of the moment is feeling. The pain was a dying feeling. I cried myself hoarse when I squeezed the blood out, because it was really painful. I passed out after the baby was born. Before he could have a look, he was carried to the pediatric hospital. I stayed in the hospital for 7 days without seeing my child. On the day when I was discharged from the hospital, my baby’s grandfather had a classmate who happened to work in the department of pediatrics. I dragged my aching body to the pediatric department and waited for about half an hour before I saw my baby. I really want to cry. The baby has eaten the milk next to the mouth to keep the dry milk crushed. The hair was shaved glop glop, the head is also a lot of needles. There’s nothing I can do as a mother to help my childr政府立案徵信社en. After that, I went home for a month and waited for my baby to come home from the hospital. He changed companies and worked hard to become a manager. I was happy for him, too, but not for long. On my way home for the Spring Festival, I noticed something was wrong with him. Woman’s instinct told me he was cheating. I just have no evidence, after home, his mobile phone has not left his side, one day he took the baby downstairs I went to see. The phone all set password [before no password Settings] I used the usual password we opened to see the chat records, sure enough my suspicion is true. That bitch is his company colleague, back to send him a message to say miss him. He said very want to her, my child is only more than 4 months I basic didn’t sleep at night with my child, he hadn’t thought of my hard work, those that already is 28, the day have noisy very fierce, he explained with the that girl not just in the chat, I believe I really believe what he said, I was also added that bitch ask her what’s going on, she also said nothing, also said very hard understanding myself with the children of wha徵信社價錢t, I also silly said thank her understanding, so quiet over the years, in the five months I also take the children down to shenzhen with him. In this month we are still very happy, but the day before yesterday finally gave me a heavy bomb. He bought a new cell phone and gave me his old cell phone. I was bored the day before yesterday and looked at the photos. We went out to play and took photos for the baby. He and the little bitch did something mean and mean in the bed before us, and more than once. I have to call the little bitch, she also rodomontade scold me say I gave birth to a daughter, the body is poor, if she is willing to my husband divorce to be with her at any time, scold a lot of insulting words, ha ha now I just want to leave far away yesterday went to the north station but the thought of my daughter cry, I loathe to give up her, she was small, she is very innocent, I really don’t know what to do. I can’t sleep at night. I have a headache. I have to bite my hand. There is no point in my life. I live for my children. My baby is really cute. He kept asking for my forgiveness. I don’t kno w. I don’t know.


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